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24 LPs that I played until the grooves wore down.

All of these were bought as LPs.
The ones with * - I still listen to.
The one with two ** - are still favorites.

The Doors - first album (1967)
Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland (1968)
SRC - SRC (hometown Detroit band) (1968)
Led Zeppelin - first album (1969)
Black Sabbath first album (1970)

Deep Purple - in rock (1970)
Miles Davis - Bitches Brew (1970) *
Yes - The Yes Album (1971)
Mahavishnu Orchestra - The Inner Mounting Flame (1971) *
Gentle Giant - Octopus (1972)

Genesis Foxtrot (1972) before they turned into pop band.
Yes - Close To The Edge (1972)
Chick Corea and Return To Forever - Light As A Feather (1972) **
ELP - Brain Salad Surgery (1973)
Bach - The Art of Fugue - Neville Marriner (1974) *

King Crimson - Red (1974) *
Chopin 24 Preludes - Mauricio Pollini (1975) **
Jan Garbarek - Dis (1976) **
Klaus Schulze - X (1978) *
Brian Eno - Ambient 1: Music for Airports (1978) *

Siouxsie and the Banshees - Juju (1981)
Kate Bush - The Dreaming (1982)
SPK - Zamia Lehmanni: Songs of Byzantine Flowers (1986) **
The Jesus Lizard - Head / Pure (1990)
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Weee! Bach.

The two part invention below in g minor from Bach's Inventions and Sinfonia ( is really an easy piece. It was intended most likely to be played on the harpsichord. I opted to play it on the organ. Most of the inventions don't translate too well.

Below is an an example of "good" piano playing. It is Greg Anderson playing "the devil's staircase" by Gyorgy Ligeti. I wonder how many years before I will be able to play this piece?

comrade linear

Geek Meets Grid - the GeekAustin 8th Anniversary Party.

This is our big GeekAustin bash of the year, and because I honestly love you, there is no cover. The event is free.

To help amp up the celebration, we have invited our friends at Refresh Austin and the Austin Electronic Music Grid to co-host. Refresh Austin represents some of the sharpest web and design pros in town, and the Grid represents some of the most interesting electronic music artists in town. I am pretty excited about getting them together in the same room. The Geeks meet the Grid.

The event begins at 6PM with drinks and conversation downstairs. At 7PM, Dubnautica performs in the Boom Boom Room Refresh Lounge. Beginning at 8PM, there will be performances by Austin Electronic Music Grid artists including: Gobi, Carbon Theory, Happy Panjoma, and Rage Ranger.

Union Park is a big club. We'll have some rooms set up for performance, and some rooms set up for conversation. Union Park also has an excellent menu, so there is no need to head home before the party.

GeekAustin 8th Anniversary Party
Tuesday, September 30, 6PM - 11PM
Union Park, 612 W Sixth St (Next to Katz’s)
Please RSVP at Facebook
(this helps us determine how many bartenders have on hand)

Hope to see you there! - Linear

GeekAustin events and updates

Since last October, I've been hosting various GeekAustin events almost monthly.
Just last week, I hosted the Semantic Web Austin Launch Party (online coverage).

Because most of the members/folks who attend the GA events are either on
LinkedIn or Facebook, and because I don't have the same love for LiveJournal
now that Brad is gone, I haven't been posting the GeekAustin events to LiveJournal for the last 6 months or so.

So that you can keep up with everything that we're doing:

The RSVPs for GeekAustin events are on Facebook.
Here is the link for the GeekAustin Facebook group:

Here is the link for the GeekAustin LinkedIn group (600+ members):

Here is the correct RSS/feed for GeekAustin:

Hope to see you at the parties!


GeekAustin/Dorkbot Happy Hour, Tuesday, Feb 12, at J Black's

For the February happy hour, GeekAustin is excited to have DorkbotAustin as our co-hosts. Appearing at the happy hour will be video artist Paul Baker (Amoda Profile) (youtube), as well as a flickr / robot mashup by David Nunez ( -- all courtesy of DorkbotAustin.

This is your opportunity to meet dozens of Austin's fringe hackers and digital mad scientists. dorkbot-austin has been featured on, San Francisco Chronicle,,, BBC-Radio, and G4TV among many others.

To get on the invite list for upcoming GeekAustin parties, send an email to
For more info on Dorkbot, visit